Monday, July 6, 2009

Shakespeare in the schools

Bringing the classics to life for students. It is important we teach children about classic literature. Often teachers show videos in school. I question the practice myself. I think we cannot replace books with a video. Copyright laws are clear on this, too.

Maybe on a June afternoon, when the kids are antsy, but I think it far better to create movies WITH students. Much more interesting and educational.
Jordyn & Pauley's Project

Elementary School Art

The Arts

A few years ago we created a number of multimedia presentations! Our core French teacher, M. Gagnon, helped students create a display of plasticene Aliens. The staff created an Art Show. We wrote the melody after we wrote the words. We created an SK Reading buddies guide(I created a pdf file of the information.) Student created some PowerPoint projects on Superheroes.

In 2001, students wrote letters of appreciation to our Peacekeepers serving overseas. CO1 Dennis Irwin, our penpal sent us photos of his experiences. I created an iMovie. Students wrote to him and he wrote them back.

Charlie helped us create some music dedicated to our Peacekeepers. We wrote some songs. Did a lot of singing, too!

Theatre games

Principles of technology with students: Jilks, 2008

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