Friday, July 3, 2009

Five Principles of Design

When designing a poster, web page, or any graphic using technology, there are guidelines for students to follow.

Designing using a computer has changed styles and preferences.
Choosing a font is as important as colour.
A serif is important in text. For a title you want to have no serif. The serif belongs in the test, as it leads you to read on. 
1. It is important to note the proximity of text. Be consistent in your work. All titles with one font.
2. How you align the text is important. Centreing may or may not be better. It depends upon your focus.
3. Be care of the colours you choose. For those who are colour blind, or colour deficient (e.g., cannot differentiate browns and greens), or those with scotopic vision, all have an impact of what we can and cannot see.
4. Repetition of the colour, fonts, images and themes lets the reader know where they are in the document. Visual cues help us understand the topic and influence what we see.
5. You must understand your target audience. If it is a formal piece, then the font should differ and an informal fun piece can use the more casual fonts. Comic sans, for example. 

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