Friday, July 10, 2009

Cops for Kids Safety Programs

What a great idea!
I have taught a fair number of classes on this topic: safety.

Safety at home, school, in the neighbourhood, and on-line. Safety in the event of fire, or lockdowns are generally taught.

I think it admirable. I do not understand why I was phoned at home to help pay for it, in a cold call solicitation, since our tax dollars ought to be supporting such a program.

I have done a fair amount of writing on bullying ( Bullying Resources), too. This is something that must be dealt with by educators and all stakeholders. It is amazing that things like Breakfast Programs and safety programs are not integrated into regular curriculum.

That being so, however, we must continue to protect our children.

Cops for kids safety

"The program stresses the importance of teachers and parents properly educating the children in these valuable and critical life skills. The modules are designed for appropriate grade levels and will cover the pertinent categories on safety in a fun, interactive program learned at school and followed up at home.

Together with the teacher and the parent, the Cops for Kids Safety program takes the children through real life skill situations. It provides a resource for teachers and police officers to use in schools and a opportunity for families at home to make sure their children understand the principles of safety in all aspects of their lives."

View Brochure (325 KB pdf)

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