Sunday, June 7, 2009

Swine Flu H1N1 in schools

29 city schools hit with swine flu
"As the number of Ottawa schools with suspected H1N1 flu cases doubles to 29, the city's four school boards -- with more than 120,000 students on their rolls -- have no plan of their own to respond to a flu pandemic, the Citizen has learned."

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This is no surprise - kids share food, cutlery, wash their hands infrequently, and touch their faces. They eat food off of their desks, and their desks may only be cleaned once or twice a week! I used to keep a bottle of cleaner in my class. It made them more aware.

I would ensure that they had time to wash their hands, and watched them as they ate. I strongly encouraged them to make their own lunches, parents can transmit germs, too.

It is cross contamination that helps such spread through a family.

At dismissal, I would have appointed a row monitor who would dismiss his/her row after all was sparkly. I did not permit students to throw their food out, either. The garbage can would be put way before lunch, to ensure that parents would see what had or had not been eaten.

Click here for a PDF poster for your classroom.

H1N1 human swine flu

Get the facts from the Public Health Agency of Canada

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breehill said...

I heard about a great program called Germy Wormy Germ Smart that teaches kids to understand how germs spread and how to NOT spread germs. My child learned it at school. It was so much fun for her, and it was amazing how quickly the kids learned healthier hygiene habits!

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