Monday, March 2, 2009

Book Talks

Brain storm suggestions with students.
Have them interview each other about their books.

Talks may include....

1. Title, publisher & author.

2. Genre; student-focused, teacher resource, teacher background information.

3. Summary of plot or purpose of this book.

4. Audience for the book: adult, student.

4. Setting: time, place, season, year.

5. Context: where would you use this book? Grade level, curricular focus.

6. Read the first sentence

7. Thinking/feelings about book

8. About the author... Canadian or ... Have they written other books?

9. Illustrations/illustrator?

10. Where did you find it? i.e. library. Where could you find it?

11. "So what?" What is the purpose for including this book in your talk?

Include critical reflection on who, when, where and why this book could or should be used. e.g. grade level, theme- immigration, and the possibilities for integration and application to other domains and curriculum.
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