Thursday, February 19, 2009

race-based assignments

In more New Brunswick headlines,
Education expert questions rationale for race-based Grade 4 activity: Similar exercises phased out decades ago after morality questions raised

I am amazed that such activities exist. Racism runs rampant as it is, to create such an activity will only further alienate students from each other. This looks like a very old activity, typed, as it is, with obvious signs of an ancient era. You need a very sensitive teacher, with carefully crafted curriculum, to work with students on racism.

What is amazing is that such a thing rises to the level to receive full media attention. Surely, the stakeholders can work together to solve this problem? I am truly amazed.

I am so shocked that it gets to this level. The parents, who have registered their protest, have had input. It offended them. Discussions should have resolved the issue.

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