Monday, February 23, 2009

Learning Language

As babies learn language, the begin by articulating plosive sounds like /P/, /M/, and /B/. It is good practice to speak in full sentences; they hear the rhythm and melody of a language, but language games can follow as you reproduce the sounds that they make. An echo game is fun. Naming objects and talking about what you are doing helps them develop the 32,000 words they can learn by the time they are reading. Another fun games is teaching them the sounds that animals make. Josephine began imitating our cat's meowing sounds during her 2-week visit. This is another level of communication, as she learns to represent an object (cat) with a sign (MEOW).

It is important children come to school with a vocabulary, and background knowledge. This prereading skills support receptive and expressive language development. It is important to both hear and to try to communicate. This is why day care, nursery schools, play groups, and other group activities benefit family with language issues. This is my granddaughter, as we played language. Her parents taught her sign language, as is the way nowadays. Now a year old, she has begun using one-word. Her favourite is 'hep', when she cannot do or reach something. /KA/, for cat, as we show her our cat videos shows she is able to name things, even on the computer screen.

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