Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Instructional Strategies, Skills, Tactics: a portfolio and repertoire

Here is a PPT I created when teaching PED 2145 at uOttawa - Social Studies for primary/junior student teachers. Not the most successful teaching I did: hired on January 3rd for a class to being Jan. 8th! What pressure?

I had some wonderful students, with great promise. I failed to reach some, which is normal. My pet peeve is that they are not taught nearly enough about classroom management, crowd control, and other basics. That said, I learned a lot about teaching adults, despite little time to prepare. There are many barriers to success in university.

Funding, plagiarism , a sense of entitlement, student perception of being overworked, a lack of full time staff, unethical evaluations and marks and Critical Thinking Theory and Media.

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