Thursday, February 19, 2009

daily routines

One of the most recent issues has been a New Brunswick principal, Erik Millett, who stopped the daily playing of Oh, Canada, and moved it to a monthly assembly. CBC did a piece called, The Principal's Principles. He is off on leave, having experienced death threats, as well as other vitriolic abuse. Naturally, Facebook groups have popped up in support and against the man.

Having had Jehovah's Witness students, whose religion required them to step into the hall at the singing of 'Oh, Canada', I can understand why this would be a good move on the part of a principal. Having taught gr. 7/8 students, who rebelled against standing and singing, I can see that subjecting them to this on a daily basis is bizarre. You spend the first 15 minutes of the day in crowd control! For students whose families are atheist, it is a further insult.

That said, what a terrible attack on this man. I was blacklisted in the 80s for doing a quiet meditation with my students. The fundamentalist Christians in my community formed a group and demanded a meeting with the principal. I was shocked. It changed the way I taught. Such a shame that the issue could not be resolved and that the politicians used this man for their sound bytes. Any school activity can be used as a lesson. This one was abused by all the stakeholders. Shame on them.

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Anonymous said...

There's nothing like the voice of experience. Thank you!

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