Sunday, December 14, 2008


I just heard of a challenge website: the Daily Challenge website.
What an intriguing revision of the original RAK, on the RAK Foundation site. RAK has become a popular notion since its inception. An search brought up 40 books on RAK.

RAKI recall driving across a toll booth, one of the suggestions in the book I read (see image!), and paid for the person's car behind me. It was so much fun!

My students were right with me. We began complimenting each other and writing each other and found more and more websites with more ideas.

For parents I sent home: An Affirmation of our children.I practiced this in February in my classroom that year. I found a free poster and it encouraged us. It was a pleasant way to spend Valentine's Day week and provided writing activities.

We so seldom compliment each other, as if it diminished us to build someone else up. So often teachers and parents try to teach their children. We have to correct their behaviour and forget to simply adore them and appreciate their gifts.

One year we created a "Love Tape" for parents. All of the students, I think it was JK or SK class, recorded a message. We sang songs for our parents and read poems and chants. Each student took home a tape. I am not sure where the tape has gone. What a blast from the past!

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