Sunday, November 2, 2008

Remembrance Day

I look back fondly on all the Remembrance Day ceremonies we had in each school in which I taught. The students were all highly motivated to read, write, interview and discuss what had gone on. My last year on Remembrance Day, my gr. 8 students wrote the most incredible essays on war. We collected a lot of information and put it on a web page for others to read.

I remember kids poking each other with poppies. Losing them on their way to the gym was part of the ritual. But I remember the poems and the incredible stories kids told about their ancestors involved in war. Many of my students had lived through the Gulf War. They fled the violence to come to Canada. We learned much from these young people. Others were Vietnamese Boat people. Their story was covered in the book: The GIFT OF FREEDOM: How Ottawa welcomed the Vietnamese, Cambodian and Laotian refugees
By Brian Buckley

The late Marion Dewar was instrumental in this event.

There are some excellent songs that lend themselves: Francis Tolliver
But I love sitting with books. I went to Chapters ad bought all of the big, picture books i could. There are some that cover various places where war happens. Some based on one particular war or another.

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