Tuesday, October 28, 2008


IMG_4177.JPGOf all of the ghoulishly fun traditions this is one.

I loved hauling out the pumpkins and black cats and having students decorate the room. I always found some reading and writing activities to help us play around with words.

How many ghost-like things can you think of?
Boo! How many words have a double-O vowel?

I saved Hallowe'en puzzles and crosswords. We wrote scary stories, and read them to friends.
Each year the gr. 6 class would design a spooky place.
The smell of pumpkins being carved and the pumpkin seeds cooking in the oven..mmmm.

The songs and rhymes were so much fun. I laminated these poems and we created groups to put the chants into a spooky rap-like performance. Readers and non-readers could participate. It was so much fun. The sound effects were awesome.

We would have a party and present these raps. The rule about the party: you can bring enough of a snack or food item for 5 people. This kept the amounts down to a reasonable number.

I must admit that the best party I attended, however, was my adult daughter's party. THE BEST!

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