Monday, October 27, 2008

Children and bereavement

  1. Respect their needs: to talk or be silent.
  2. Deal with the issues as they arise.
  3. Talk to a professional if you need to.
  4. Listen to their concerns.
  5. Let them know you are upset.
  6. Model your strategy for dealing with grief.
  7. Do not give them answers if you really do not know the answers.
  8. Clear up misconceptions, i.e., false threats, that is it *their* fault.
  9. Let them tell their stories: drawing, creating poems, writing letters.
  10. Make a fear box. Cut out pictures from magazine that represent their fears and place them in the box.
  11. Have them prioritize their fears and talk to you about them.
  12. Help others: food banks, give a donation to a cause related to your issue.
  13. Read books for children about death and dying. (See my list) There are many for children that help them better understand that life is about, and death, too.

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