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Safe Snacks

During my teaching career we faced a number of biopsychosocial issues. An educator with an holistic approach I taught the whole child. The most difficult issue to deal with seemed to be the increased number of students with allergies. Some principals came down hard and over protected students. They demanded that the entire school change its policy and, for parents, lunch time and 'nutritional breaks', became a hardship.

It is difficult to find safe snacks. This site offers more information: Some schools have created peanut-free classrooms, others have gone to the extreme of keeping potentially dangerous snacks out of schools totally. In my experience, I think the latter is a dangerous way to go. In one gr. 6 homeroom class I had two children with anaphylactic allergies. The one mother, a nurse, taught us to use the epipens in a staff meeting. She was confident in the community to support and protect her child. She taught him to look out for himself and protect himself. While we looked out for one another, ultimately it is up t the young person to be ever vigilant. Society will not protect them - they must learn coping skills. It is a life lesson this mom taught her son. The other mom, not quite so confident in the infrastructure, overprotected her son. He was afraid to run around the school yard during gym class without his fanny pack with his epipens. It was difficult to watch him.

One mom helped me publish this list of safe snacks. I hope it helps.

This has been compiled by an employee and mother of a child with nut allergies. There are numerous sites related to this health issue. A Calgary teacher's site offers more information, too! Hoang added some .gifs for us!


  • Dunkeroo's /Fruit Roll Ups / Gushers
  • Fruit by the Foot
  • Lucky Charm Fruit Snacks
  • Scooby-Do Fruit Snacks
  • Sodalicious, Mickey Mouse Fruity Peel-Outs or Princess Rolls
  • Cake Mixes (check labels, if it does not say "May Contain" then it is safe.)
  • Icing ( check label if it does not say "May Contain" then it is safe)


  • Nutri-Grain Bars (apple, cinnamon, cherry, mixed berry, raspberry
  • Strawberry, blueberry)
  • Nutri &endash;Grain Twists (plain raspberry, strawberry. Blueberry,
  • Blueberry cream cheese & raspberry cream cheese)
  • Pop Tarts
  • Rice Krispie Squares (plain & New! Chocolate caramel )
  • Milk Crunch bars (cocoa & milk)


  • Original, Apple Cinnamon, Pear Apple, Banana Apple, Strawberry
  • Apple, Raspberry Apple, Mango Peach

NO NAME (yellow and black )

  • Zoo Animal Fruit Snacks
  • NEW! Chocolate Snack cakes (1/2 rounds, whole rounds)
  • Club Pack Cheddar Cheese Snack Crackers
  • Club Pack Snack Crackers (plain)
  • Fruit Rolls
  • Sugar Wafers
  • Ginger Snaps
  • Rice Cakes
  • Puddings (vanilla, butterscotch, chocolate, lemon, banana)
  • Fruit Cups (peaches, pears, fruit salad)
  • Cookies (Fudge striped shortbread, Social tea biscuits, Honey grahams)


  • Crispers (original, bbq, ranch, salt and vinegar, all dressed)
  • Cheese Bits
  • Sociables, Toppable, Swiss Cheese, vegetable Thins
  • Triscuit (original, 50% less fat)
  • Ritz (original, 50%less fat, real cheddar cheese, mini ritz
  • Premium Plus, Oat Thins, Wheat Thins
  • Stoned Wheat Thins (regular and Bell Pepper)


  • Chips Ahoy, Chunks Ahoy, Chewy Chips Ahoy
  • Teddy Grahams ( regular and chocolate chip)
  • New! Melting Moments (triple chocolate chunk, oatmeal-raisin)
  • Fudgee-O (regular and doublestuff)
  • Oreo (regular and double stuff) (mini oreos may contain peanuts)
  • Arrowroot, Coffee breaks, Fig Newtons, Chocolate Wafers


  • Potato Thins (cheddar and sour cream, original with sea salt, BBQ,
  • Sour cream and onion)
  • Sandwich Cookies (with fudge, with crème, with mint)
  • Cracked Pepper Crackers
  • Mint Cream Cookies


  • Crisp and Thin Crackers (half the fat, regular, vegetable, butter,
  • Reduced fat , wheat)
  • Classic Crackers (cheese, regular)
  • Snax (vegetable, wheat )
  • Low fat Snack Crackers (wheat and sesame, wheat and onion, wheat)
  • Woven Wheats (regular, 50% less salt)
  • Apple Street ( just aples, sweet apples, apple cinnamon, apple strawberry, apple banana, apple cranberry/raspberry)
  • Rice Cakes
  • Peppercorn Ranch Chippers (original, salt and vinegar, BBQ)
  • Fruit Bars (apple, raspberry, peach apricot, fig, whole wheat figs

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Anonymous said...

Your readers may want to have a look at the Safe Snack Guide at It has a comprehensive list of snacks free of peanuts, tree nuts and eggs, most commonly available at the supermarket. My son's school distributes it for all classroom activities involving food.

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