Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Afrocentric Schools

The TDSB wants to create schoools to meet the needs of an Afrocentric clientele.

There are 5 million people over the age of 15 in the Toronto Census Area (2006).
With 1.3 million speak a non-official language at home and they are creating Afrocentric schools?

Curriculum is irrelevant: that is what all teens think! They do not understand nor appreciate history. We must honour the contributions of all those who have built this country.

Learning is learning. We are not there to make meaningful change, we are there to provide children with an education.

And students do not necessarily know what is best for themselves, they must be taught to value themselves and their education.

We cannot spend tine on Black history Month- Underground railroad,
Asian history month – development of the railroad, Irish history month- potatoe famine, French & British month, Vietnamese Boat People month, Gulf War month, Afghanistan Refugees, Native Peoples month.

Taxpayers do not want to spend more money in taxes for education. We have to do more with what we have. This is not the climate for this.

Teachers are undertrained. They do not get enough sensitivity training, behaviour management strategies, group dynamics, principals must enforce strong discipline methods and reinforce the message that students are in classrooms to learn.

We can facilitate study groups, individual projects, or opportunities to select research projects that will allow students time, and opportunity to choose electives that interest them. But something must give. Curriculum is already too weight and time consuming. Teachers cannot fit in another subject. There is no time.

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