Saturday, February 3, 2007

Learning Skills


  • shows motivation
  • seeks work, new opportunities for learning
  • responds to challenges
  • seeks challenges and takes risks
  • shows interest and curiosity about objects and events
  • observes, questions, explores, investigates
  • seeks additional and new information from library books, CD-ROM's, and other resources
  • identifies problems to solves, conducts experiments
  • shows initiative and self direction
  • displays confidence
  • approaches new learning situation with confidence
  • demonstrates a positive attitude toward learning
  • generates questions for further inquiry
  • seeks information from innovative sources and in innovative ways
  • investigates and obtains information independently
  • develops original ideas and innovative procedures
  • attempts a variety of learning activities
  • seeks assistance when required
  • participates in extracurricular activities

Independent work

  • demonstrates responsibility in attendance, punctuality and task completion
  • works well without supervision
  • accepts responsibly for completing task on time and with care
  • accepts responsibility for own behaviours
  • follows routines and instructions independently
  • demonstrates self-direction in learning
  • responds and participate sin a variety of learning activities
  • selects learning materials, resources, activities independently
  • shows motivation
  • displays self-confidence
  • persists with tasks
  • uses time schedules/planners effectively
  • adheres to established time lines
  • explores, selects and uses a variety of learning strategies
  • completes homework and other assignments on time with care

  • Goal Setting to Improve Work
  • identifies criteria to assess work
  • uses criteria to assess work
  • assesses own work
  • identifies goals
  • identifies specific steps or actions to reach goal or to improve
  • evaluates success in reaching goals
  • identifies strengths and areas for improvement in own work
  • perseveres to achieve goals
  • revises goals or steps and strategies when necessary
  • demonstrates self-direction in goal setting and goal achievement

Conflict Resolution

  • resolves conflicts when they occur
  • resolves conflicts independently
  • resolves conflicts in socially acceptable ways
  • negotiates to solve problems, conflicts
  • mediates differences of opinion
  • listens to understand conflict before acting or offering a resolution
  • assists others to resolve conflicts appropriately
  • seeks positive solutions to conflicts
  • uses a variety of strategies to resolve conflicts appropriately
  • helps the group to identify and maintain strategies for conflict resolution

Co-operation With Others

  • takes turns
  • listens to, acknowledges and considers differing opinions
  • willingly works with others
  • follows classroom and school procedures
  • shares in cleaning during after an activity
  • assumes responsibilities in groups, the classroom, the school
  • helps others
  • volunteers
  • considers both eh immediate and long-term effects of actions on others
  • shares resources, materials, and equipment with others
  • works and plays co-operatively with others
  • establishes positive relationships with peers and adults
  • responds and is sensitive to the needs and welfare of others


  • solves problems independently
  • interprets, understands the problem
  • devises a plan to solve the problem
  • carries out the plan
  • records the process and the results
  • checks the solution?results
  • evaluates the plan, solution, result\devises alternate solutions, plans to solve a problem
  • makes connections between different problems and solutions
  • applies successful strategies to new problem situation
  • chooses appropriate materials and equipment to solve problems
  • applies logic

Use of Information 

  • effectively interprets and synthesizes information
  • integrates learning from various subjects and areas
  • effectively uses a variety of in formation-gathering techniques and different information sources
  • accurately analyses and assesses the value of information
  • recognizes where and how assignments, projects would benefit from additional information
  • uses facilities, equipment, supplies, evidence, research, expert opinions, and discussion to gather information and solve problems.
  • considers all information, alternatives before reaching a conclusion
  • assesses information and ideas and draws relevant conclusion
  • demonstrates creativity in assessing information and ideas and in drawing relevant conclusion
  • identifies a variety of sources and resources to collect information
  • demonstrates a variety of kills to organize and manage information
  • demonstrate research skills
  • asks questions to clarify meaning and ensure understanding
  • uses information and technology systems effectively

Homework Completion

  • completes homework on time and with care
  • comes to class prepared for learning
  • completes tasks by designing innovative procedures
  • puts forth consistent effort
  • follows directions and completes all homework tasks
  • shows attention to detail
  • demonstrates interest and enthusiasm ion homework assignments
  • organizes materials and equipment effectively
  • begins work promptly
  • follow directions and completes tasks
  • chooses and uses materials and equipment correctly, safely, creatively
  • utilizes time effectively
  • [perseveres with complex projects that require sustained effort
  • attends to task at hand
  • demonstrates flexibility and adaptability

Class participation

  • participates in class and group activities
  • willingly works with new groups
  • accepts various roles within the class and group, including leadership
  • takes responsibility for own share of the work to be done
  • contribute to co-operative problems solving
  • completes class and groups activities or projects
  • works to help achieve the goals of the
  • jclass and group
  • helps to motivate others
  • communicates well with class and group members
  • helps the class and group to work together
  • encourages others to participate
  • contributes information and ideas to the class and group
  • questions the ideas of the group to seek clarification or agreement
  • demonstrates leadership in class and group activities
  • modifies views as the result of group discussion
  • shows respect for the ideas of others in the class and group[
  • supports ideas and observations of the group with facts and details
  • listens to others without interrupting
  • asks group members to explain their ideas
  • paraphrases points of view to help understanding
  • recognizes contributions of group members through encouragement, support or praise
  • seeks consensus before making decisions
  • shares responsibility for carrying decisions
  • shares responsibility for difficulties encountered during an activity


Unknown said...

Hello! I stumbled on your blog while trying to look up Mr. Low the vocal teacher from Jarvis. He made such a positive impact on my life, but I haven't heard from or of him since the alumni choir. Would you happen to have any info about him? Thank you!

- Laura (Jarvis grad 1999)

Jenn Jilks said...

I have no information! We did have a reunion, and I sang in the alumnis choir.

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