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Remembrance Day activities

Francis Tolliver

Today Mrs. Jilks, my teacher in language arts, had us listen to a song on World War 1. There were 2 people who worked together to make this song and I can only remember 1 of their names which was Mr. Evens. They both were men that is for sure. In the next paragraph I will be showing you all of the questions Mrs. Jilks asked us to answer and make 5 paragraphs on this song.
Here are the questions I needed to answer:
1. Who is the main character or narrator?
2. Where was he from?
3. When did the story take place?
4. Where?
5. What happened?
6. Why?
7. Name the song the soldiers sang on Christmas Eve.
8. How can we prevent World War 3?

Here are the answers to these questions:
The main character or narrator in this song is Francis Toliver. I think the 2 people who made up the song sang it and they used the name Francis Toliver because he was in the war. That is what I think my teacher said. Francis Toliver came from a place called Liverpool which was located in England. The story took place in the time of World War 1, at Christmas Eve and in their trenches where they slept.
The story took place in Belgium, Germany, in Flanders and in No Man's Land, which is not a very nice place to go because I think that is where the war was for some of the time. On Christmas Eve a weird thing happened but it was nice, what happened was that the 2 sides of the war started to exchange goods, show each other photos of their families, they ate chocolate, they smoked cigarettes, they had a soccer game and some of them played the violin. They drank stuff and they sang songs like Stille Nachet or in English Silent Night and they sang God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen. The next day they began war again and some of the soldiers got court martialled.
The last question was how we can prevent World War 3 and here are some ways.
We can burn all the guns and if the police catch the people with the guns they can get the death penalty and that goes for selling them to. All the countries can make peace and compromise with each other. The country or countries that are thinking of attacking Sadam Hussein's countries have the right because they probably have nukes but instead of attacking that country you could let spies or the police investigate and have Hussein get the death penalty. Another thing they can do is spend thousands of dollars on making a way to deactivate the bombs or nukes from one country.
These are my conclusions of what I have learned.
I thought it was great that the 2 sides of World War 1 shared with each other but it was wrong to start it again. I hope there will be no World War 3. My teacher says if there is another World War they will fight with sticks and stones because there will be nothing left to fight over.

The Song About World War 1
The main character or narrator is Francis Tolliver. He was born in Liver Pool, England. The story took place on Christmas Day during World War 1. The story took place in France in the trenches in No Man Land.
 On Christmas night solders from both countries were not battling, they were celebrating together. They were singing, eating chocolate, smoked cigars. Some were playing soccer, telling stores about what they were going to do after the war, and they were sharing secretes together.
They were singing the song called Stille Nacht. Both troops from either countries were singing the same song but in different languages. What brought the people from either side was the Christmas spirit.
 The next day some solders were court martialled for making friends with the other troops from the other country. They would never forget what happened that night. The songs they sang were Silent Night, Stille Nacht and a lot more.
 I think the people in the world can prevent the 3rd World War by giving more of what the country that might start the World War 3 want. Or the other that I think would work is to try and not help | support the counties that might start the war in the first place so it wouldn't be a World War but just a little war.
by Wai Chung

Frances Tolliver
There was a guy named Frances Tolliver. He was born in Liverpool England, and he wanted to go to war to help out. He went to place called No Mans Land. In there they would have no trees at all. They also had a lot of bombs there too.
When they were in war they had to stay in trenches. The trenches were very horrible it had lots of rats. When the people slept there they could feel the rats crawling up them. They also had a lot of spiders and spider webs.
Then it was Christmas time it all started with one German. He wanted to go along with the Christmas tradition so then he sang a song. Then some other people started to sing songs. So then they sat in a circle and started showing their family pictures. Then they started to play a soccer game. Then they got out some stuff and shared it with everybody at the end they all shook hands.

Everyone knew that it was Christmas and it was a time where everybody had a time to share. So the songs they sang were Stille Nacht, and God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen. The stuff that they shared were chocolates,and cigarettes. This was then World War One.
 by Linh

This is about Francis Tolliver who had to leave and go to war in Germany, tundra in No Man's Land. It mostly took place at World War 1 at Christmas. Frances Tolliver was born in Liverpool, England. Their families would send them pictures of them, and chocolate, and cigarettes for them to smoke when they were not fighting.
  On Christmas Eve they heard the Germans singing Stille Nicht [silent night]. The Englishmen heard them and started singing in the English version of Silent Night . As they were singing they started to come over. They came over because it was Christmas Eve and it was a time for sharing, and giving for the holidays.
  That night both sides met and showed pictures of their families, and talked about stuff. They ate chocolate, and had cigs that their family sent them. They also played a very huge game of soccer against both sides. There was music such as a square box, and they also had a violin.
When the sun came up the sides went back to where they should be and started to kill each other again. A lot of the soldiers were taken to the court marshal. That is not very good when you are in the army or the navy because you will want to retire after you are done fighting you won't get doctor control or anything like that.
 What I would do to stop world war 3 is to stop selling guns, be nice and kind to everybody. Not get into fights. Have world peace, but most of all I would want to get ride of all the places where it is dangerous for little kids to play. Where if you go near it everything will explode.
by Jessica

Song about W.W.I
The main character in this song was Francis Tolliver, Francis was born in Liverpool, England and that is where he spent most of his life until W.W.I.
The story of the song took place on Christmas in W.W.I in the no mans land and Trenches.
What happened was that the soldiers were frustrated and because, it was Christmas and they weren't with their families the soldiers spent Christmas with their enemies, they traded chocolates, cigarettes, photographs from home.
The soldiers also sang songs with the Germans like- God rest ye merry gentlemen and Stille Nacht which is English for Silent Night. (for doing these things some soldiers got court martial)
A way we can prevent W.W. III from happening is by talking to the countries that are fighting with other countries or holding weapons of mass destruction, we can agree on something that both countries will agree on, that way we will have a safe and peaceful earth.
 by Bushra

What If?

1. What if war tanks turned into turtles.
2. What if solders turned into toys.
3. What if bullets turned into Skittles.
4. What if poppies turned into puppies.
5. What if guns turned into snakes.
6. What if wars turned into parties.
7. What if hospitals turn into schools.
8. What if airplanes turned into birds
9. What if missiles turned into popsicles.
10. What if evil turned into good.

What if grenades became doves,
What if warriors became harmless mice,
What if bombs became snow,
What if enemies became allies,
What if death became life,
What if guns became jello,
What if canons became cats,
What if war became games,
What if war would disappear.
by Tianna

What if guns were food...
What if bombs were water...
What if enemies were best friends...
What if airplanes were your family...
What if bullets were books...
What if war was peace...
What if the dead were alive...
What if canons were chocolate...
What if fighters were peace keepers...
What if tents were your home ...
What if...
What if...
What if...
by Rebecca

1. What if a nuke was a toilet?
2. What if soldiers were soap?
3. What if trenches were protractors?
4. What if guns were wolfs?
5. What if bombs were pencils?
6. What if poppies were puppies?
7. What if tombstones were pancakes?
8. What if war was a fair?
9. What if guns were garbage?
10. What if peacekeepers were beluga whales?
What if ?... What if?... What if?... What if?... What if?...
by Matt

What if...fighters became talkers
 What if...everybody loved instead of hated
 What if...wars turned to peace
 What if...weapons disappeared
 What if...guns became lollipops
 What if...wars never happened
 What if...bombs turned to balloons
 What if...the people that fought for us lived
 What if...uniforms became blankets
 What if...blood became juice
 What if...children lived instead of died
 What if...fighting and wars stopped and we all became happy
What if...
What if...
What if...
by Kelsey

What if blood became water
What if Tanks became tricycles
What if screams became laughs
What if guns became gumdrops
What if bombs became balloons
 What if canons became computers
What if troops became peacekeepers
What if killing became hugging
What if missions became playing
What if it all just stopped
by Jessica

What if guns became.....plastic
 What if Hitler became.....The sphinx
 What if tanks became.....papayas
 What if uranium became..... coke
 What if wars.....would never be
by Bushra
What if guns became fireworks What if soldiers became peacekeepers
What if rations became feasts
What if tanks became homes
What if jets became birds
What if bullets became air
What if grenades became air
What if trenches became lakes
What if submarines became fishes
What if medics became doctors
What if armies became communities
What if prisoners became civilians
What if bombs became trees
What if mines became flowers
What torpedoes became whales
What if blood became water
What if war became peace
What if....
by Hoang

What if guns became fireworks?
What if drenches became swimming pools?
What if bullets became birds?
What if soldiers became clowns?
What if bombs became rain?
What if jets became geese?
What if submarines became fish?
What if tanks became houses?
What if fighters became talkers?
What if War became Peace?
 What if I would stop talking?
by Andrei

What if birds became airplanes...
What if tanks became toy cars...
What if popsicles became popcorn...
What if murderers became jugglers...
by Andrew
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Today we went to the Assembly because it was Remembrance Day. My class got to do a poem that's called "In Flanders Fields" Shabnem, grade 3.
Today is Remembrance Day. Our class said "In Flanders Fields" by John McCrae. I didn't say it because I had to sit in the back with the wreath. Sarah, grade 3.
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