Saturday, April 8, 2006


I have had a trying time- with no place to call my home, with a classroom not yet set up, leaving behind my husband and cats and everything that is familiar. Contemplating a new home and a new class has been interesting and challenging. Despite the emotional stress of it all I am profoundly honoured to be working with some high needs students who do not fit in to the regular classroom.

I have created some themes that we will focus on. I hope to show them what we can do if we integrate technology.

I plan on using the community to help me equip my class, and to reach out to community members who may support us.
  • Role Play: Bullying, managing stress,…
  • PPT project
  • superhero project
  • magazine project
  • growing bulbs
  • located in a D & T room: find adult to teach this?
  • Cooking (weekly)
  • Bind a 20 page book
  • Fractions
  • Applying for a passport
  • space-the final frontier
  • Art: parental unit= day May/June
All of these things I have done before and have work samples to show for it.
I have made some new friends. Colleagues at school have welcomed me with open arms. I have figured out where to find things for school, located stores, put together an entry plan, established the bare bones of a classroom, gone shopping and figured out what I might need and what I could find.

Yesterday I bought some posters, classroom resources materials: LA EvanMoore readers, Math workbooks/assignments from gr. 6 - 8, problem solving, times table chart, cursive writing poster, large calculators, notebooks, map, powerbar, . Science/History/Geography assignment books: Canada and Canadian studies to help them become contributing members of society.

I made a plan of what I needed and went to the Teacher's Store to fill that plan. It is all falling into place.

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