Thursday, April 6, 2006


I passed the WHMIS and the TB test. I am making progress. It is difficult being away from my husband. I am fairly excited with a start-up budget for my classroom. The Native Second Language teacher, bless him, has moved out of his old room and it is now mine. I put up some posters, cleaned off some desks, yay Fantastic!, and I have put my mark on the room. Suddenly, there was a meeting between several people: my Principal, and my phenomenal Special Education person. I must admit that I am vague on the names and the hierarchy at the Board office. She has been terrific, as have been all the people with whom I have been associated. Small towns are different, in that everyone knows everyone else. We had a meeting in the afternoon and determined who would be in my class and sorted out a number of other parameters.I have a small budget These kids are so very needy. Their parents even more so. I only hope I can give them some support. I read their Ontario Student Records (OSRs) and my life looks so easy. I am adopted, divorced, a single mom, sued my first lawyer ;-) and have had a time of it. but these families are all doing the best they can at the time. I feel so badly for the parents and the children. If we could only work together to help them become contributing members of society. We are all just people looking for our purpose in life, looking for someone to love, something to do, something to hope for.... God help me in my challenges that lie ahead.

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