Friday, April 7, 2006

shop till you drop

What a great day. I spent some of my budget gathering curriculum materials, I cruised the web looking for book I knew existed, visiting several teacher stores and filling my parents mini-van with supplies. Kinda weird asking your parents for the keys to the van when you are 49 years old! My police check went through. I am legal. I hope to be paid and be able to move in. I have planned out many ideas and beginning strategies. I know that this job will demand all that I can give. These fragile kiddies deserve far more time and energy than I have - I only hope that I can give it amy all. With my mother being so ill from cancer and chemo, it is a blessing to be able to focus on the job and helping my at-risk students. I know I will be able to make a difference. What excitement to begin this new program. WhitePines Program is the name that was given to it. I will ensure that we create this opportunity. I will try to find an artist to create a plaque for the door. That will give honour to the concept. we went to three stores today and spent $700 on posters, resource books and supplies. My dear husband helped me. I want the room to look warm and friendly to invite my at-risk parents into the program.

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