Monday, April 10, 2006

packing up to move

Was it ever funny asking mom and dad for the car keys! Nevertheless, I borrowed their min-van and drove that long road home, although it is not as much HOME as before.

I filled it with a garage full of classroom materials, hastily removed from the old place. I miss Sir Win and my colleagues and students. I really appreciate how much they responded to my ideas on life, educational responsibilities, 'disagreeing agreeably', respect and the curriculum I created.

I unloaded, yet again, many, many boxes. While they are just things, they are indications of who I am as an educator and important to the philosophy I bring to the classroom of high needs learners.

As a result of the incident at school last Friday, I realize that newcomers and change are not always easy for students. They could be fragile from situations at home, as much as adults. I know, having changed schools, classrooms, principal, city/towns, change can be good but it is unsettling. I know that this challenge will ask of me all that I can give.

I will work hard at demanding and expecting respect. I will have to create a classroom community that will both bond and hve some sense of identity within the school.

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