Monday, April 3, 2006

first week

What a culture shock! It is a school with great spirit. The teaching staff have been phenomenal, the office staff superb. I have booked a TB

test (I pass out when I have needles) and have to have a Police Check ($25!).
I could access my mail, but couldn't send any. Must work on that one. i couldn't get onto the Internet, either. What is a poor geek to do?

I cannot get into my room in the afternoon, either, since the Native-as-a-Second Language ( NSL) teacher uses it in the afternoons. He has to move classes. It hardly seems fair, but I bought him flowers, as well as the office staff!

I still have no employee number, since I need WHMIS and a TB test. I took the TB test this a.m., but we cannot figure out the password or the computer to use as NNDSB does WHMIS on-line annually. I do not have a bank account here, either. Might just use the one in Ottawa, as there are branches all over of my bank - but they work from 9:30 to 4:30. Monday to Friday.

I worked in my room in the a.m., but didn't make much progress. It is used as a store room for the most part, with books that were born before some of my kids(1984!) and no teacher likes to turf the previous teacher's stuff, even if s/he has expired or retired. I was assigned a grade 7 helper, who helped me clean chelves. We figured out how old the text book was as we chucked the books. Nice mini-review lesson in subtracting with zeros.

Dust everywhere. I bought cleaning supplies. It is my chance to give a new room a whole new start. I can't wait to get posters up.

I am going to buy printer, but haven't been able to print anything yet. I bought one which doesn't work with Macs. I took it back.

I'm trying to look up a Business Depot, Staples or something. They have a Wal-Mart that doesn't believe in Macs or Apple computers!

I have Non-Violent Crisis Intervention classes booked for April 25/26 and look forward to using that - well, learning it, perhaps. I hope I am such a phenomenally dynamic professional that my new kiddies are highly motivated to learn and take part in the learning process.
I have a budget of $2500 plus $500 consumables, but no teacher's store in which to buy stuff!

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