Saturday, April 8, 2006

entry plan

I have been working merrily. This past week I have dealt with these issues:
School Culture
Visit the school, visit in the staff room, attend staff meeting, talk to office administrators, other sp.ed. staff, Educational Assistants/Social worker.

School Building
Find the school floor plan, emergency plans, fire exits, take a school walkabout.

Create floor plan, room arrangement, seating plan, copy for file.

Board Culture
Talk to Principal, and the sp.ed. team, speak to others who have worked with these kids: parole officer,
Ask Sp.Ed. Principal/Sup't at meeting: get P & P around Special Education in this Board,

Supplies and materials, any budget? $2500
Create a list of materials: software, supplies, IT? ISA equipment?

Classroom Management

a) classroom timetable
b) student timetable
c) integration plan, teamwork? Cooperative effort?
d) Behaviour management plan (see #7. Safety Below)
Talk to other Day Treatment teachers for information.

Classroom Safety
Code of conduct, classroom covenant – on wall,
Emergency plan, behaviour plan,

Visit McCugh, First Place, check out previous Board's P & P?
new resources books:

Entry Plan for new students
-tour classroom, school, visit class, P and V-P, participate in 'getting to know you activities'. Research some Co-op learning activities.

Talk to HR, find the pay scale, benefits, pay methods, get an e-mail account.
Get a copy of the Collective Agreement to learn the rules & rges.

Staff Relations
Visit staff room, find kindred spirits. Phone numbers: phone tree, figure out how to call for a supply teacher.

Get schedule, figure out school plan, copy floor plan for OT handbook.

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