Friday, April 7, 2006

the drive to Ottawa

s I drove the 420 km home I pondered my classroom and life. I saw two small moose in Bala, a pair of deer between one or other of the small towns. It could have been bewteen Haliburton and Bancroft!

The roads were bare, the towns quiet. I cannot imagine driving back to Ottawa during peak tourist season.

It was a thoughtful drive. I wished I had a micro-recorder to record my new ideas, my plans, people to contact, themes I would like to incorporate into the program.

I will ask Big Brothers to send someone to work with our students. A male role model would be good for them. As a mom of two boys, I have a sense of how teens must establish their gender identity and part of that includes seperating from the female/mother figure, and sorting out what it means to be a male in our society. I put together a Gender Issues in Education PPT of my thoughts. My class, at this point, is made of entirely of boys. it will be interesting to sort all this out.

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