Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Change is the only thing we can depend upon.
It is healthy, in reasonable doses, and keeps the thinking in the prefrontal cortex!
The old house is up for sale, it is decluttered, spruced up and ready to go to a new family. It is a great neighbourhood, with trees and large lots. In the heart of the city; it is a peaceful spot. Only a short distance to work. Yet, just a few weeks ago I drove 4 km to work and had to navigate through 15 stoplights I had hoped for change.

What a lovely drive in from Bala: 65 km through forests, around small and large lakes.
I was playing Colm Wilkinson's song:
We Are One

The slower you move ; The faster you go.
The longer you live; The less you know.
The closer you look; The less you see.
We are one, We are one,
Follow me.

As I DID look around me, I saw a large deer by the side of the road. She carefully navigated her way across the road, a car in front of me had slowed and she seemed to know it was time to pass. As I passed her, she stopped and looked backwards at the car traveling down the road. She was large - probably as tall as I am. Tail flicking away as she bolted off into the forest. The three-quarter hour drive is beautiful in the early dawn.

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