In a planning meeting today we brainstormed ideas about this new program. The principal, me, as classroom teacher, the truancy officer and special education senior staff talked about administration and set-up of the program, the chain of command, the selection of candidates for the program, parental contacts (responsibility for/by team member), curriculum.

The program, which we will now call the WhitePines Program, to honour Mr. Boyle who co-ordinated this project, will reach out to parents, as much as the students, to educate students and parents in the learning process. Most of my parents will not have had good experiences in schools. These kiddies need lifeskills, a building up of self-esteem, a sense that school is a good place to be. I want the room to have some great chairs, couches and a comfortable place to learn alternately.

This is a program school within a school. The register will be separate from the rest of the school, with funding by Algonquin Child and Family Services. The Child Development Worker will be a part of the process and will work with families. I will be called upon to use all of the instructional repertoire I have adopted over many years in the field of education. Instructional Repertoire include:
instructional skills, strategies, pedagogies, tactics, concepts, organizers.

I plan on talking to the Rotary club or the Chamber of Commerce to find some 2nd hand furniture. I want to bring in various community members to support my group of young learners i.e. folks who can share their expertise with my students.

What an exciting and dynamic process as we work with each other to support our most previous resources: our children, our future.