Sunday, March 5, 2006


What a time I have had. Light snow yesterday, more today. It is darn cold and I didn't bring enough warm clothes. Off to Wal-Mart!

The TB test was not fun. I loathe needles.

I await the Police Check. What joy.

I spent yesterday afternoon with an IT who was marvellously helpful. He and I puzzled together the proxy server and logins, for a Mac, with which he is NOT familiar, in order for me to use the NNDSB LAN. What a puzzle. He was great. I can finally access the server and do my Internet banking.

The staff meeting Monday, after school, was interesting even though I was exhausted. A presentation through ETFO, "On the Road" presenter, on Behaviour Management. Truly a notion that is not addressed well enough at the Faculties of Education. The presenter spoke of putting her framed degrees up on the wall and standing beside them when talking to irate parents. I have done the same, also pointed to them and valued them for irate students. I might post mine and do the same. My first degree cost me $484 per semester. My part-time M.Ed. cost much more per term, over the same four years.

We learned a great number of tricks. I was reminded of my co-operative learning strategies. My students will have a staggered entry and the placemat exercise, in which we compare backgrounds and experiences, as well as characteristics, might work in a month or two. I have to figure out which box contains my self-esteem work and reference materials, 430 km away, mind you, but accessible this weekend when I return home to attend my course and pack up.

I carry on and will do the WHMIS test Wednesday!

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