Thursday, March 2, 2006

moving day

I have packed up my car. My classroom was emptied in three days. They quickly replaced me with an eager, capable mother of teens. How fitting, since managing the adolescent is a tricky business.

My farewell card from the students was touching. Photos later. I nestled into a B&B and got used to the new sounds and new setting.

I arrived Sunday afternoon, driving 420 km west from Ottawa, Ontario, to Parry Sound in beautiful weather. Navigating around the town I found places to eat, get coffee and Rx emergency supplies!

The Parry Sound community is beautiful. Trees and hills, lakes peek out around the next bend at every turn. I felt I had come home. I found the school, William BeattyP.S., situated in the heart of the community.

I worked on my entry plan. Tried to piece together all the parts of a classroom puzzle. A curriculum is made up of an instructional repertoire; instructional skills, pedagogies, tactics, strategies, but a classroom community consists of integrating one's philosophy with the students and marrying that to the school community. I eagerly await the integration of my new students.

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