Thursday, February 9, 2006

computer lab work

Welcome - 8C We have worked really hard on our Election unit. Your powerful work on PPT has been great. I am sorry we can't go to the canal skating today, but it will be opened next week! In the meantime.... Friendship and love mean many things. The Greeks defined many variations on this theme! Wikipedia describes this concept further. Here are just 3 to think about:
    Agape love = to have empathy, selfless, spiritual love, pure love, the love of the soul.
    Eros love
    = romantic, physical love
    Philia love = brotherly, sisterly love, love of humankind, loyalty for friends, family and community.
    = hospitality, rituals between guests and hosts,
    Today I would like you to begin responding to these BLOG questions... How do you know you love someone? How do you know if someone loves you? How does love make you feel inside? What do you do if you love someone? How do you show your love for another human being? What evidence do you see of love in society, in yourcommunity, in your home? Can you make any connection between the Olympics and philia love?.
Go to your server folder, open up a word processing file, and write a response using at least three paragraphs. You need not answer the questions in order, andwer the ones for which you have a comment. Add any questions you think we should discuss. Use spell check! Check out the 'Hamburger'!Have a peer edit it. Pop it into the BLOG site and I will publish it! Happy BLOGGING!

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