Saturday, November 12, 2005

research project

Students are currently working on a Research Project. The details have been worked out by planning and preparing, using various graphic/semantic organizers and scaffolding the work. The individual work sheets are housed at:

The first step was to gather 3 or more resources. You must include three different types: electronic, text; including books, magazines, newspaper articles, and include human and graphic resources. Use the maps I handed out to you! They will help you place the ideas you are talking about in a geographical context.

The research theme and main topic could be an Historical Even, [see] or it could be a person who made a difference in terms of peace, resolution of conflict or aiding humanity. Some topics include WW I, WW II, the Vietnam War, weapons of war, Hiroshima, Sir Winston Churchill, Corrie ten Boom, Anne Frank, children of the Holocaust, Rosa Parks, etc.

The main part of the text should include at least each of four subtopics. See your handout for those details. The length will vary with the skill of the researcher/writer, but at least a paragraph for each topic.

The evaluation rubric is here:

The bibliography resource will help you cite sources clearly. See your planner or our school board web resource: .

Class, any questions?

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