Tuesday, November 8, 2005

Report Cards

Our reports are housed on the school server. We had a power failure last Sunday and our marvellous CCT spent Monday and Tuesday recovering files. Not all were recovered and I lost half the data of my completed report cards. The Board was asked to send the back-up files that they save. 10 days later they told me that they could not find them.

I had a release day last month to work on SE PRo and IEPs for a half day. A supply teacher was hired, while I tried to get the IEPs completed.

We had a power outage that day for a couple of hours. When power was restored I could not open the files. It took me an hour to figure out that I had to use a "recovery" button to recover what was lost.

OK, so maybe that ISN'T comforting, but many of us are in the same boat; paddling with our hands like stink, paddles are overboard, sailing into the sunset, Water is being rationed, food is dwindling,. Our GPS is wonky, dunno the direction of the shore. The ITs are all in the rear of the boat examining it, God bless 'em! It needs an upgrade, a patch or... They will figure it out!

There is a hole in the bottom of the boat, water is leaking in, can't see the hole for the paperwork that is similarly swamping us.

Can't hear myself for the kids asking questions, -parents are demanding to know what in-the-heck we are doing, I know what I'm doing, I have been doing it well for more years than they have been alive, but I can't speak clearly becuase there are so many acronyms floating around obstructing my view and my mind's eye (SELC, LST, IPRC, IEP, TWEA, L.D., ADD, ADHD, ASD, ESL, ELD, OCETF, OTF, CTF, ODD, CCAT, GCEC, DD, TAG, TIPS, CCEE- can you see them up there?) and all these letters are emblazoned on Four Blocks..... weighing the boat down -ballast we do not need and....
- all of us are just hoping to make it to shore (or to December!)!

The captain, bless him, is cheerily encouraging us forward. We have chocolates in each of our mailboxes -he smiled as he passed by this morning. I feel fine!

We have a marvellous Remembrance Day ceremony planned.

A colleague gave me a compliment yesterday.

A student smiled when I gave her a reward for staying on task for the first day this semester. really...

Another student said, "AHA!" after I clarified something for him.

It was a good day, yesterday -mostly. What report cards??!!

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