Friday, November 11, 2005

Remembrance Day

Friday, November the 11th, was a major day Remembrance Day. We had a great day; incredible ceremony. The choir sang, the band played. There was a slide show, created by our CCT teacher.

The Wednesday before Remembrance Day we had a guest speak at the school: Mrs. Eva Olsson, holocaust survivor. She had a big impact on the children. You could hear a pin drop. The student will be writing letters to her - the first has been written. A beautiful letter, which he hand wrote, with little help from me. Then we went to the computer lab and we typed it up.

We spent the last part of the day picking up garbage from around the school. We sorted it out with rubber gloves and tallied it all. On Monday, with the help of a computer-savvy student teacher, we managed to create graphs and put them up them on our web site.

I am trying to find reasons for these kids to use technology. It seems to be working! This kind of thing also gives them reasons to learn how to type, a class I took in gr. 11, back when dinosaurs ruled the earth! Typing tutor is becoming less and less useful. THese kids have used keyboards since they were in elementary school. They can "hunt and peck" as fast as they can move their thumbs, too. I look at the adults around me who can type messages in their PDAs. Times they are achangin'!

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