This is a page with cartoons that demostrate concepts in a visual way. We have created cartoons of our some spelling words in the past, science words we were wrestling with. This is a great way to connect meaning and geometry!

I worked out the problem out loud, confirmed what I already knew about the angles within the shape, and modeled how it is that students work with a problem. I also realized that they do not understand the vocabulary. With 5 ESL stage 2 and 3 learners once they meet a word they do not know, whether they understand the concept or not - the solution will be lost to them. We must slow down the teaching process to accomodate ALL learners. My problem, then is the speed at which smoe students learn. We had a massive work session two days before, during which they worked within their peer tutoring, cooperative learning groups and I could see some of the less able students tutoring others who were totally stumped by one vocabulary word.