Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Space Contact - 2004 2) media frenzy

In Manorale P.S., Ottawa DSB, Space Contact 2004 was a powerful event.

Many helped ensure that it was a success.

First task: train the kids in working with the talk. Decorate the gym. Prepare the kids to ask their short questions.

Then, I taught my students how to use a video camera.

Friday, November 12, 2004

Space Contact - 2004 3) we begin

The contact lasted only a few minutes. The preparation took months. The gym looked fabulous.

Students videotaped the event, while teacher, Mme. Chrétien, and other guests looked on. The school contacted the astronauts in December, 2004. Manordale P.S., Ottawa, Ontario.

The principal welcomed everyone, introduced the team.

Space Contact - 2004 1) the photos

Lori & her husband made the connection.

We connected with Joamie P.S. in Iqaluit.

Lori and her husband.

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